VMock: What is my Resume Benchmark and how do I choose (or update) it?

Upon logging into VMock the first time, you are presented with a question to choose a Resume Benchmark, which will score your resume with students who have similar career interests. You can update your choice up to six (6) times by clicking on the top navigation bar, choosing Settings, and editing your Student Information. Here is a list of each Resume Benchmark with complete details:

  • Getting Started 
    Recommended for career exploration and miscellaneous job opportunities
  • Business + Entrepreneurship 
    Recommended for finance, accounting, management, sales, operations, logistics, actuarial science, quantitative analysis, and more
  • Communications + Arts 
    Recommended for marketing, advertising, public relations, writing, design, media, film, entertainment, sports, museums, and more
  • Education + Human Services 
    Recommended for teaching, child development, counseling, psychology, social services, human resources, nonprofits, and more
  • Engineering + Technology 
    Recommended for chemical, mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering, computer science, engineering for non-engineers, and more
  • Law + Government 
    Recommended for legal practice and assistance, all forms of government work at the federal, state, and local levels, and more
  • Science + Health 
    Recommended for life and physical sciences, health professions, biotechnology, environmental studies, geography, and more
  • Resume 
    Recommended for non-academic opportunities
  • CV (Graduate Students)