MOU Guidelines for partner institutions

UCSB International Programs has many partners throughout the world. As we expand our relationships with educational institutions, it is important to formalize such agreements in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

The general procedures for signing an MOU with our institution are as follows:

Step1: Contact UCSB International Programs to show your willingness.

Step 2: Review Template Memorandum of Understanding
-UCSB International Programs’ representative will contact you and send a template MOU for your review. After reviewing the template, you will provide your institution’s official name and acronym and the full names and titles of the official representatives. 

Step 3: Print Finalized Memorandum of Understanding
-Once your institution provides the information above and approves the template, UCSB International Programs will prepare an original MOU for the signature of both parties.

Step 4: Secure Signatures
-The MOU, signed by UCSB International Programs, will be sent by express mail to your institution for counter-signature. Once it is signed, please return an original, fully-signed copy to UCSB International Programs.