On Campus UCSB Student Health Center

We understand that as a visiting student at UCSB Extension, you may have concerns about your health and well-being. It's important to note that UCSB Student Health located on campus operates as an out-of-network provider. We empathize with the potential burden of having to pay out of pocket, and thus advise you to consider alternative options for your healthcare needs.

If you prefer going to UCSB Student Health, note that you will not have access to online appointments and will have services under the "waived without GAP" category on the price comparison sheet. To schedule an appointment, you must call the appointment desk in advance and provide your credit card number over the phone. During appointment check-in, a $100 credit card deposit is required for each appointment. Once the visit fees are determined, the credit card account will be adjusted accordingly. When visiting UCSB Student Health, please remember to:

- Bring your insurance ID card
- Pay all fees upfront
- Request an itemized medical bill
- Submit a claim form along with your itemized bill to your insurance company

For further information regarding your benefits, please visit this website or email JCB Gallagher at studentservices@jcbins.com or via phone at 1 (866) 978-7578.