What options do I have for transportation? What if I don’t have a car?

There are many options outside of driving your own car to get around in the Santa Barbara area. Here are a few options:

  • Rent a Car
    • If you don't own a car, there are times when you may need one. When you rent a car, you're using a company's vehicle for a short period of time.
  • Join a Car Sharing Service
    • If you'd rather rent a car on an hourly basis and have greater flexibility in where and when you can pick up a vehicle, you can join a car sharing service like Zipcar. With car sharing, you get the convenience of a car when you need one, but without the costs of ownership.
  • Ride a Bike
    • Many students at UCSB choose to ride a bike to and from their classes. UCSB is a very bike-friendly campus with many bike paths and racks to lock your bike. Additionally, the city of Santa Barbara has protected bike lanes throughout the city and trails that can get you from campus to downtown. 
  • Take the Bus
    • The Metropolitan Transportation District (MTD) bus system allows riders to get around Isla Vista, Goleta, and the greater Santa Barbara area. You may pick up a MTD bus sticker at UCSB Professional and Continuing Education ((PaCE) Student Services using your student ID card.