What are the Paralegal Studies Electives?

The UCSB courses listed below can be taken to fulfill the professional certificate requirements.

Please note that if a UCSB student applies the maximum of 3 campus courses to the certificate requirements, this will reduce the total cost of the certificate by $1500.

ECON 117A. Law and Economics I

Application of economic analysis to the law. Includes an introduction to common law, constitutional law, and legal processes. Topics may include property law, contract law, and tort law.

HIST 142AL. American Legal & Constitutional History

The U.S. Supreme Court has weighed in on the nation's most significant social questions ranging from segregation to same-sex marriage and women‘s work. Designed to put these and other decisions in proper context, this course covers U.S. legal history from the founding period to the present, with special attention to the evolution of legal conceptions of property, race and gender, civil rights, and criminal justice. Students must read critically and make arguments based on evidence.

HIST 166LB. American Legal History

The history of the U.S. Supreme Court, legal thought, legal education and the legal profession since the late nineteenth century.

COMM 170. Communication Law

A historical survey of the development of the concept of free speech, and a study of First Amendment controversies in the United States during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

COMM 177. The Legal Community and the Courtroom

COMM 177. The Legal Community and the Courtroom

The legal system is a core social institution in every human society. In this course we will examine and critique the communication events that structure legal interaction. In order to discern the effects of particular communication styles and expectations, our analysis will focus on three key contexts: the courtroom, the legal profession and the public sphere.