Course Textbook and Materials

Course Textbooks

Order textbooks from the bookseller of your choice, including online sellers specializing in textbook sales and rentals. However, you should check to make sure you are ordering textbooks with the correct ISBN and edition. The Division of Professional and Continuing Education will not reimburse you for course materials if you order the wrong edition or if a course section is cancelled or rescheduled. Check for updated course textbook information in the course search.

Note: Textbook costs are not included in tuition fees unless noted on our website. If the course fee indicates that it includes the cost of a textbook, the books will be distributed at the first class session.

Textbooks for professional and continuing education courses are not available through the UCSB campus bookstore.

For further information about textbooks for professional and continuing education courses, contact us here.

Additional Course Materials

Specific courses may include additional course materials charges. This information is included in the section notes for the course. Fees for course materials are nonrefundable.