Transfer Credit

Transfer UCSB Professional and Continuing Education Credit to Other Degrees or Institutions

Non-UC Degree

If you are seeking a degree from another university, we urge you to verify the acceptability of UCSB Professional and Continuing Education (PaCE) credit through consultation with your own college program advisor prior to enrollment at UCSB PaCE.

UC Degree

If you are a matriculated student or an applicant for admission to the University of California, read the following guidelines:

UCSB PaCE Credit Courses (X1 to X199)

Upon petition to the respective UC Registrar’s Office, credit earned in courses numbered X1 to X199 may be accepted in fulfillment of unit requirements on all UC campuses.

UCSB PaCE Credit Courses (X300 to X499)

Within the limitations prescribed by various colleges and schools, credit earned in courses numbered X300 to X499 (professional level credit courses in the field of education) may be accepted toward the B.A., B.S., or in post-graduate programs leading to recommendations for teacher credentials. However that determination is made exclusively by the receiving college/school/institution. We highly recommend that students discuss any transfer credit questions with their Department Advisor before enrolling in any PaCE courses. 

The usual procedures governing the evaluation of credits will determine transfer of these units for fulfilling subject requirements. Grade points earned are counted for admission purposes only, not for GPA.

UC Admissions

Participating in this educational program does not inherently provide preference for admission to the University of California. If you are interested in applying to UC, refer to the UC Admissions website or the admissions office of the UC campus you wish to attend for details about the admissions process.

Transfer Credit to UCSB Professional and Continuing Education from Other Degrees or Institutions

To transfer credit received at other colleges or universities to UCSB PaCE credit, please refer to the instructions on the individual certificate or course web pages.

Unit Values on Credit Courses

Credit courses for UCSB PaCE award units. These units are indicated in the certificate program matrices on the website and within the section information at the time of online enrollment. Units are an indicator of the length and depth of study. The minimum requirement for one quarter unit is nine hours of in-class time. UCSB PaCE operates on the quarter system. One quarter unit equals two-thirds of a semester unit.