How much is the GROW Financial Aid and how do I apply?

Courses listed on the GROW webpage are 80% off for the current Academic Year.

Please do not self-enroll if you want to take advantage of this discount.

Please review this article to make sure you qualify for the GROW discount. In order to get the discount, you must first apply and be accepted into GROW. Once you receive an email confirming that your Application has been approved, please call our Customer Service Team at 805-893-4200 so we can process your enrollment and apply the discount.

Our office is open Monday through Friday, from 9am to 5pm (PST). 

Payment is due upon enrollment so please have a credit card available. Payments can be made using Mastercard, Visa or Discover.

For Open University approved Applications only, you will receive an email with detailed instructions on how to enroll in Open University and what to do next.

Please remember that in order to receive this discount, you will need to call us every time you want to enroll in any GROW eligible courses. 

Please note: This discount is not stackable with any other promotions or discounts.