What are the housing options on/off campus?

Full housing resource guide can be found here:

There are many options to help you with planning your stay in Santa Barbara:

UCSB Housing help: 
- UCSB Community Housing Office (CHO) 
CHO offers international UCSB International Programs students assistance with off-campus, non-university rental housing in Isla Vista, Goleta, and Santa Barbara. CHO provides rental listings, rental advice, and roommate services. It also provides a videotaping service (for a small fee) to film rentals before you move in and after you move out (to document the condition of the unit) to get back your security deposit.

To start searching for housing and gaining access to services, you must first register with the UCSB Community Housing Office (CHO). Once you are registered, go to the Community Housing Office Rental Listings page and then click on the blue button that says, "Click to Start Searching." From there, you will choose the UCSB PaCE Student Login and put in your credentials.

Community Housing Office Contact Information:
Phone: (805) 893-4371
E-mail: ucsbcho@housing.ucsb.edu

In person: UCSB University Center (UCen), Room 3151.
Hours: M–F 8 a.m.–12 p.m.; 1–5 p.m.

- UCSB Facebook Groups
Check out this groups on Facebook to post requests, find roommates or sublease a place:
-UCSB Housing Search
-IV Housing for UCSB Students
-UCSB Housing

- On-campus housing
On-campus housing options are limited, but possible; particularly in the Winter, Spring and especially the Summer quarters. You can apply or be added to a waitlist. Contact housinginfo@housing.ucsb.edu with any questions about the application.  

For the basics of renting in the Santa Barbara area, also see the UCSB's Rental Success Guide.

Outside UCSB housing options:

Coral Group SB
Coral Group is a local homestay and shared-home service that can help students find accommodations in Santa Barbara and Goleta. Application located here.

SBCC Housing Finder
SBCC has allowed our UCSB International students to view open housing options on their extensive housing site. It has so many great options to browse:
Shared options (open now)

4stay is a temporary housing finder website similar to Airbnb. You can view different options within the Santa Barbara/Goleta area.

Craigslist SB
Temporary or long-term options for housing in shared homes or single rooms. Be on-guard to any potential scams, but this option is always good and many options are available. Also, find furniture, bikes, skate and surfboards!