BCBA/BCaBA Courses for International Students*: Options for Enrollment

*This program is only eligible for US, Canadian, UK, and Australian residents. If you reside in another country, please consider our QBA program.

The coursework requirement to become a board certified behavior analyst (BCBA) with UCSB Professional and Continuing Education is offered fully online. Courses can be taken from your home country, or while on-campus (with department approval.) Please find the options below to see which one suits your situation best:

#1) Enroll in BCBA/BCaBA courses from home country
Study with us from afar! BCBA/BCaBA courses are offered fully online, so you can participate like any other student from around the world. Courses will use the UCSB online learning platform, Guachospace, to structure the curriculum and allow for posting of assignments, discussion forums and exams. When you finish the certificate, we will mail it to you!

Course fees are the same as any domestic/community pricing.

#2) Enroll in BCBA/BCaBA courses while on campus
As a full-time international student on a F-1 student visa, you are eligible to take one online course per quarter. So, if you are enrolled in the University Immersion Program or the International Certificate Program, you can organize your schedule to allow for 1 BCBA/BCaBA online course (4 units) to contribute to your 12 required units.

Course fees will be included in your program flat fee tuition.