What is the difference between a matriculated UCSB student, and an Open University student?

If you are a registered, matriculated UCSB student you are fully enrolled at UCSB and seeking a degree in major subject. Open University (OU) students have withdrawn from UCSB, do not pay campus-based service fees, and are completing a couple of units for their degree. These units are then applied to the major, and the official UCSB transcript, for degree completion. 

To become an Open University student through UCSB Extension, you must officially petition to withdraw from UCSB prior to enrolling in and taking Open University courses. For more information visit UCSB Registrar's page.

OU Students do not:

Have a perm number.
Have access to Gold.
Have access to Rec Cen, childcare, financial aid.
(you may pay for some select services on a non-registered student basis)

Since OU students do not have access to Gold, and registering for classes online, please see guidelines on enrolling here.